Why I Garden: Top 3 Reasons

Gardening is something I grew up watching my great grandmother do. She took so much pride in her garden. I would walk over to her house and make her show me her progress just so I could see her face glowing with content. I was compelled to start gardening after purchasing my first Nikon. I started taking pictures of wildflowers I came across while doing my outdoorsy stuff and taking them home to edit/observe. I finally understood why gardening made my grandmother so happy and became obsessed with plant anatomy and immediately saw the need to master the art of botany. Now, I know it’s impossible to know everything about gardening. In fact, I’m not even close to knowing half of it, but I know enough to have a garden my great grandmother would be proud of. While this is my motive for gardening, there are plenty more reasons why you should start enjoying this wonderful hobby:

  1. Health Benefits

Do you hate going to the gym? Would you rather burn calories doing something productive? If so, we could def be friends and gardening is the hobby for you. Depending on the size and contents of your garden, you may be looking at moderate to high-intensity exercise to start and maintain it. This is great for your overall health and does not feel like a workout at all if you enjoy doing it. I wear a Fit Bit religiously and it’s the days when I’m doing my garden work, that I get the most steps. It’s like getting two birds stoned at once. You get a workout in and something beautiful to look at when you’re done!

2. Sense of Accomplishment

The first thing I did when I decided to pursue gardening as a passion was go to the local greenhouse. I spent $200 on annuals (yes, all annuals), brought them home, and displayed them in front of the house as proud as a peacock! I knew nothing about how to care for them and eventually all of the pretty colors disappeared, leaving nothing but dead leaves and gross greens. I kept saying to myself “Thank goodness I don’t have any children or pets because I can’t even keep a flower alive!”… I’m pretty dramatic. Bottom line is, I left the plants outside too early. There were a few cold nights that were too much for the flowers to handle. Once it started getting warmer outside, the blossoms reappeared and that’s when I learned my first gardening lesson. Eventually, all the the flowers began to bloom again and I returned them to the front of the house. The sense of accomplishment was like a breath of fresh air. I did it and you can too!

3. Patience

I was always known as the girl with no patience. “Spaz” is what they used to call me in high school. Of course with age, we realize that there’s no use in getting worked up over the little things. The scenario above required patience. It took weeks for the flowers to re-bloom and I wasn’t even sure if time was going to do the trick, but it did. Ever since I took on gardening as a hobby, I haven’t been so quick to jump to conclusions or haven’t had a hard time waiting in line… small things like that make a large difference in your everyday life.

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